When a free product is really a raffle — the latest Facebook scam.

Ben Rothke
3 min readMar 31, 2023

Facebook is now a cesspool of scammers

Facebook has turned into a cesspool of scams.

Like the boiler rooms of old, they pop up quickly and disappear quickly.

The latest scam is where they make it seems like you get a free product. But are in fact entered into a raffle for that products.

Take this one, where is says: Store Clearance! 🎉 Get Dyson v15 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for only $2.97! 😍 Act fast & Click “Shop Now” to Claim Yours Before They’re all Gone! ⏰

This leads to a page which makes it seem like you will get a Dyson vacuum cleaner for $2.99

Notice though after answer the questions that it takes you to this page where is covertly turns the sales into a raffle

But then it leads to this page which makes it seems like you can really buy the vacuum:

And this page which seals the deal:

But notice the disclaimer at the bottom which says:

CONGRATULATIONS! You are a winner of our exclusive Sweepstakes entry, in which you are automatically enrolled in our bonus prize draw where you could win one of many unbelievable prizes, including but not limited to: Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation, Dyson products & Gift Cards up to nine hundred dollars ($900) in value. Keep an eye on your email to see details of



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