The great Facebook snack scam of 2023

Ben Rothke
3 min readMay 30, 2023

Facebook has turned into a scammers paradise

If you like studying fraud and scams, there’s no better place for it than Facebook. Where else can you find a site with hundreds of millions of gullible people and a platform that makes scamming so very easy.

Facebook is a great place to see pictures of cats, and get ripped off. While much of Facebook ads are legitimate, it has turned into a scammer’s paradise given the ease of use and billions of users.

Here’s a recent scam that caters to one of the most fundamental human instincts: the need for snack foods.

Here is an example of recent ads that can make a person drool due to the low cost. This scam does not have clandestine terms and conditions, which is part of a different Facebook scam.

A person enters their information, including credit card information. You will be told that your payment was declined no matter what you entered. Most people will try again or use another card.

To which they will get the same error message. No matter how many cards you enter, they will all be mysteriously declined.

The scammers want people to enter multiple cards, as the goal here is not to send them snacks but instead identity theft and credit card fraud.

Within a day of your snack purchase being denied, you will start getting alerts from your credit card company, such as these:

If you use Facebook, realize the scammer has home-field advantage

There are plenty of legitimate items you can get on Facebook. But it’s important to realize that when you use Facebook, what there’s no shortage of are cat pictures and scammers.



Ben Rothke

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