Making the most of your time at the RSA Conference 2024

Ben Rothke
5 min readFeb 26, 2024

Going to RSAC 2024? Failing to plan is planning to fail.

With the RSA Conference 2024 conference under three months away, starting on May 6, the time to plan your trip is now. Attending the conference requires significant time and monetary investment. So here are some tips to consider to ensure your time and money are well spent.

Register early

Believe it or not, some people show up at the conference thinking they or someone they tasked has registered them. So make sure to register and know that the earlier you register, the more you can save. While the early bird discount ended on January 12, the discount rate is effective through April 5.

Book your hotel ASAP

San Francisco is a small city with a shortage of hotel rooms for large conferences. If you haven’t booked your hotel room yet, do that now on the conference travel page. Note that to get the conference discount, you must be registered.

The number of available hotel rooms in San Francisco has stayed the same, but the number of RSAC attendees has increased. Many hotel rooms in the Moscone Center area are 2–3 times above their regular price, given the amount of RSAC attendees.



Ben Rothke

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