Facebook doesn’t care about fraud

Ben Rothke
3 min readSep 7, 2023

That’s why it’s a scammers paradise.


Facebook knows I like coffee and snacks, that’s why I see ads like these:

In truth, they don’t know that I really like coffee and snacks. Rather that I click on ads for coffee and snacks. Except these are not really ads. They are pathways for identity theft and credit card fraud. Facebook knows this and does nothing significant about it.

You can report these ads, but it simply goes into a black hole.

I have reported these ads countless times, and still they proliferate. Rarely will Facebook get back to me that they have blocked these scammers. Ads are a cash cow at Meta. And they don’t want to kills the goose that lays the proverbial golden egg.

As detailed in The Great Facebook Snack Scam of 2023, these sites pretend to process your order but exist solely to get valid credit card information and use them for fraudulent transactions.

The web page will say the credit card was declined and to try another. Every card entered will be declined. This also gives them multiple cards.

Once the web site gets your address and credit card information, they will order a low-priced item to ship to your home to validate the card. And then will order more expensive items shipped to them.



Ben Rothke

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