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Ben Rothke
2 min readMar 26, 2024

Here are the articles I have written about scams as of June 2024:

There’s a lot of money to be made in crypto — if you are a scammer — if someone reaches out to you about investing in crypto, 100% it’s a scammer.

When #OpenToWork is really #OpenToScam
LinkedIn has turned into a cesspool of scammers for job hunters

When becomes Booking.Scam

Facebook doesn’t care about fraud — and neither do LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok.

Why you should never sign up for an online casino sportsbook free offer- Internet gambling has been a boon to the casinos.

The great Facebook snack scam of 2023

How To Land a Remote, Six-Figure Cybersecurity Job in Just 45 Days — scammer selling an expensive course telling people they can get a high paying information security job in 45 days without any experience.

Wrong number texts — a brilliant yet simple attack vector — AKA pig butchering. Run by very well organized and sophisticated criminal organizations.

New Year, new scams — welcome to 2023

Stopping scam robocalls, one monthly credit after another



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