Reading about information security is fundamental

If knowledge is power, one of the more effective ways to get that power of knowledge is via reading books. When it comes to information security, one would have to spend many hours per day to keep up with the vast amount of written material that is constantly coming out…

When I was looking for a job a few years ago, I updated my profile on a popular job board. While the information security space is quite hot and my inbox was quite busy, I also got many emails from left field. …

T.J. Hooper was a precedent-setting tort case in 1932. While I’m not a lawyer, I have a good friend, Ron Coleman, Esq., who blogs about law issues, so a bit of jurisprudence has rubbed off on me. …

Older adults are vulnerable

The AARP has close to 40 million members, and each of them is a target for scammers. Surprisingly, I have found the AARP relatively unenthusiastic about the risks their members face from scammers. And that is quite disconcerting.

These older adults are beloved by scammers due to the following factors:

This article was originally published in CSO in 2015. See important update at the end.

The Cyber NTSB

In his book The Psychological Edge: Strategies For Everyday Living, clinical psychologist Dr. Samuel Shein writes that while we have a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), there is no National Psychological Research Board (NPRB). A…

Here is an ongoing list of audio recordings from scammers, based on my articles An easy & foolproof way to get phone scammers to hang up on you, and From Amazon Returns to Extended Auto Warranties — How Not to Get Scammed When Your Phone Rings.

Listen to their method…

There is no lie, we did land on the moon. There is no basis to this conspiracy theory.

Suppose the US really did lie and the entire moon landing program was a hoax. How would we know that? Very simple, Russia would have brought it to the world’s attention.

Russia and the US were in a cold war. Russia had moles and spies in NASA who would have known it was a hoax. Russia would have been the first to highlight that fact. And their silence says a lot.

Yes, we landed on the moon, and there is no conspiracy at all.

The recruiters you use may be sabotaging your job search.

Don’t throw your resume to the wind

One of the most desperate situations people find themselves in is when they are suddenly out of work and need a job. Those on LinkedIn or with a Monster account often quickly send out their resume to everyone and anyone…

A non-scientific estimate tells me that almost everyone I know, and their friends use WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been in the news recently, with many stories, most of them negative, as their terms of service and privacy policies are changing. …

Ben Rothke

I work in information security at Tapad. Write book reviews for the RSA blog, & a Founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance and Cybersecurity Canon.

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